Here’s your chance to be in a new Captain America mini movie and win a new Harley-Davidson Street 750!

Captain-America-Winter-Soldier-1 Marvel is teaming with Harley-Davidson to promote the new Captain America movie. They’re looking for one lucky person to star as “Agent 1″ in a new mini movie. The new digital franchise will introduce a new chapter of Captain America with a group of characters created by Marvel’s Custom Division exclusively for Harley, and will feature the new Harley-Davidson Street 750.

Pass the assessment test for a chance to join Captain America on a custom Harley-Davidson Street™ 750 Motorcycle.


capn-and-street-750It’s Time to
Take a Stand

Captain America has had a string of agents at his side. But it takes someone special to ride with the First Avenger.

A partner who shares his fierce commitment to independence and won’t flinch when the road gets ruggedThink you’re it? Then take the assessment.

Nail it, and you could win a custom Captain America themed Harley-Davidson Street™ 750 motorcycle, a spot in a Road Force mini-movie, and be featured in a Marvel digital comic.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Contest by Harley-Davidson® and Marvel™








Great time in the City!


NEW YORK – A beautiful sunny day set the tone for the New York City HOG ride on April 12 to celebrate with our dealer at the Harley-Davidson of NYC store in Manhattan.









Harley-Davidson of NYC is unique because it has TWO stores under in the dealership. The main store in Long Island City, Queens — and the new location in Manhattan.

NYC HOG members rode out to attend the first open house for the store in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood.


Members had a great time touring the two-level space especially designed to showcase the latest in digital design technology. 12Apr_inside1


The two-story showroom features a dynamic Glass Bike Lift suspended from the ceiling and much more, including some of the sexiest bikes built today.

12Apr_jumboscrn 12Apr_inside6








NYC HOG was happy to explore the new showroom and celebrate spring with Harley lovers of all ages!




Yes, we start them really young around here…







Treat them well…






And keep them for life!






A big thanks to Harley-Davidson of NYC for the hospitality, food, and giveaways!
Wishing everyone great success with the new venture.
And thanks to all the NYC HOG members who turned out!



Photos by Carlos Varon


Ride Safe. See You Soon!
~ Carmen





Hello NYC HOG!

Saturday April 12th Harley-Davidson of NYC will host an Open House at the Manhattan location, 374 Broadway.  It’s at the corner of White Street, just two blocks south of Canal.

Harley-Davidson® of NYC is celebrating the arrival of spring with Manhattan’s FIRST Open House!


It’s an ALL day event, so stop by
and support our sponsoring dealer!

And don’t forget your vest.


There will be free food, raffles, live music and more! Bring the kids. The dealer will have balloons and door prizes for the first 100 kids. Get your photo taken on a Harley-Davidson® of NYC custom motorcycle, and tour the new showroom.

Ride Safe
With Respect,
Joe Sessa
NYC HOG Director

If you want to ride over together, meet us in Manhattan at 12:30 at 14th Street and Avenue C near the ConEd plant. KSU at 1pm sharp for the ride to the Harley-Davidson of NYC dealership in Tribeca. 

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Enough of this!


Time for this!
harley-davidson-cvo-breakoutAnd this…

0504_03A_BIKERS_C_^_MUAnd hopefully some of this!Spring-Motorcycle-Riding

More than 56 inches of snow fell in New York City this winter. That’s more than four feet, eight inches of  frozen white stuff that keep me and many New Yorkers bundled up inside. Hopefully your bike was well protected from the cold and all that horrible, corrosive salt used to melt the snow.

So as most of us prepare for what looks to be another great riding season, it’s good to make sure your bike is as ready for the road as you are. And yes, I know many of you hardy NYC HOG members have been riding for weeks already!

Here’s a springtime checklist:

1.  Fuel
As you know, gasoline is combustible. That’s the whole point of using it. Hopefully you added a stabilizer to your fuel if you were not riding. After a winter of sitting many of the combustible elements may have evaporated. Also check for moisture in your tank or signs of rust. Refill your tank with premium gasoline before you start it.

2. Battery
If your bike has not been on a trickle charger and you haven’t been riding much of the winter, your battery may need immediate attention. Before trying to charge it, clean any corrosion off of the terminals with a wire brush. If you don’t have a solid-state lithium battery, you’ll need to top off the cells with distilled water. Then if it won’t take a charge, it’s likely dead and you need to buy a new one.

3. Tires
These are the small (normally) bits of rubber that your life depends on. Check your tires to see if any flat spots have developed from sitting for a long time. No doubt your tires will need air after the winter months. Then give them a good look over to see how much tread is left. You definitely don’t want to skimp on tires or make them last “just a bit longer.”

4. Chain
Make sure your chain and sprockets are still in good condition and your chain tightened to the right tension.

5. Oil & Filter
This may be a good time to change your oil and filter if you didn’t before storing your bike for the winer.

6. Brake Fluid
If you can’t flush your brakes yourself, at least top off fluids in the master cylinder. Be sure to use the same type of brake fluid as before. No mixing different types!

7. Controls
Make sure your cables are connected; your hand and foot controls functioning.

8. Coolant
Do you have coolant? The only thing my vintage 1974 Sportster knows about coolant is a strong wind rushing by. But if you have coolant, you may want to flush that too and refill.

9. Lights
Check your bulbs and headlamp. Are they working and is your headlamp in line? My ’74 Sportster’s lamp always ends up out of line after hitting a few potholes around here.

10. Helmet
It’s a good time to check your helmet and make sure it has no cracks and the straps are not worn or frayed.

11. Spit Shine
I believe a clean bike runs better. Maybe I just feel better on a clean bike, but I like to think my Harley loves being clean.

12. Idle Before You Go
Start your bike and let it idle a bit before revving the engine.

And in this modern technology world – there are more items to check.  Is your GPS working? How about your headset and mike? Do you have your favorite tunes ready to rock? Is your smartphone charged? Yes? Ok, sounds as if you’re ready to roll. Wait, speaking of sound…

13. Horn
If you ride in NYC you will need one! Make sure it’s working. Ride safe. See you soon!

Ciao for now!
~ Carmen

NYC-HOG rides again in the Hogs & Heifers annual Toys for Tots.

Toys for Tots 2013December 8, 2013
Photo & Story: Linda Covello

NEW YORK ( On Sunday, December 8th, over 100 volunteers, organized by the Hogs & Heifers Saloon in the Meatpacking District, rode their motorcycles to the Dunlevy-Milbank Center in Harlem to bring gifts and a holiday meal to approximately 300 children and their families from The Children’s Aid Society’s Preventive Services Program in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan. The event marked the 14th annual Gary R. Marano Memorial Toy Run for Hogs & Heifers, which carries on a tradition started by the founder of the Raccoon Lodge, Gary Marano, who died in a motorcycle accident in May, 2000…(more)


Photos below by NYC HOG members




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Jun 16, 2013 - VATICAN CITY Biker culture came to the Vatican on Sunday as PopeFrancis blessed thousands of Harley-Davidsons and their riders …

Here is CBS’s report:


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Video  made by Bobby W.

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June 2013gerbing_recall

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With all the rain today its hard to believe that yesterday about 16 of usRhinebeck Ride..6.9.13 001 pulled out of the diner parking lot on a picture perfect day, no humidity, comfortable
I was a nice leisurely hundred mile ride to the Rhinebeck air show, we
stopped half way there for a drink and some gas. The last couple of miles were on a
packed dirt road but it took us right there.  They were very nice to us because there
were so many of us they even gave us five dollars off the admission price, only fifteen
dollars to get in.
There were lots of antique planes there to see, starting from the Wright Bros. type plane up to World War II small planes. there also were antique cars and
motorcycles. then at 2pm the air and ground show started, it was very interesting to see these
old planes and cars in action. the oldest plane was from 1911 it actually got off the
ground. the show lasted till about 4pm, some left a little early, the rest of us saddled up at 4.
We had another leisurely hundred mile ride home stopped for gas and a drink.


It was a great day and the best no traffic.

The next email I forward will be some great pictures taken by Ed Metro of
the day.
I had a great day I hope everyone else did.

Ride Safe
With Respect,
Joe Sessa
NYC HOG Director

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