2016 Here We Come!!!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

As we ring in the New Year of 2016, we are thankful that mother nature has been kind to us so far as we are able to enjoy the fairly nice weather we’ve been having so that we may continue to pursue our passion of riding.

Though our current riding schedule has ended. We encourage all members to continue to come to the Buccaneer Diner on Astoria Blvd and 94th Street on Sunday mornings at 9AM to enjoy breakfast with your fellow H.O.G.s.

The first Chapter Meeting for 2016 will take place on Wednesday January 6th at 7PM at Harley Davidson of New York City, Long Island City Dealership.

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Thoughts from the Director…

I have multiple jobs with the chapter. I officially work with the dealership and chapter in upholding the “Annual Charter for HOG Chapters.”

Promote HOG and HOG chapter events to existing and potential members and support the rest of the officers with their roles and responsibilities and one of those roles is the Photographer.

As your (former) official photographer (Now handled by Frank Castillo) I have had the privilege and responsibility to record those moments of camaraderie and friendship while out riding.

I get a great joy in seeing those images of laughter and genuine sense of goodwill to each other thru the common bond of the love of riding and the motorcycle and that is what it is all about.

It is all about the ride, the members and how we all can contribute to making it a great experience every time.

We can all be a part of that experience by not only offering your knowledge of little known routes, but by helping one another out.

If you see a member you do not know, go up to that person and introduce yourself. You are all ambassadors to this chapter and thru that friendship, we will grow and make the rides and events that much more enjoyable and memorable. Reach out to each other. Be it at the diner, at the dealership or on the road….my camera will catch that moment (right Richard Aquilia?) and we will all smile and laugh.

That is what it is all about…

Ride Safe.

Carlos Varon, Director

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NYC HOG Greets Black Dog Riders from Down Under

On Sunday September 13, 2015, Seven NYC HOG members became good will Ambassadors as they traveled to the Tribeca Harley Davidson dealership to greet and meet the members of “Black Dog Ride”.

Black Dog Ride

The Black Dog Ride is a Western Australian based not-for-profit organization aimed at raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention, as well as raising funds for mental health services.DSCN2214

We were greeted by 65 Australians riders who are pledging to ride from New York City to Los Angeles in a three week event showcasing the goodwill between our countries. It was a great time and we had the opportunity to tag along with them before they left to NJ and eventually York as their first stops.DSCN2228

Off we went to the North Shore led by Capt Gil to view beautiful homes and curvy roads that only he can find. When hunger pangs hit us, I led the hungry riders to an excellent Mediterranean grill in Glen Cove. Sitting at the table and laughing and smiing at the days events, that was HOG camraderie is all about. Enjoy the pics. Pide anyone? :-)


For the full gallery please follow the link here: Black Dog Ride Album

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